Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria
The best way to remember,
what you forgot about the
Preservation Pub...

Sarah's, Antoinette's, and Nicole's Party
Navigators - Clumsy Lovers
Blue Monday's November/04
Band of Humans 10/24/04  
Natty Love Joys 10/09/04  
Johnny Knox & Hi-Test 10/08/04 Blue Monday's October/04   
I Belli Di Waikiki 09/19/04  
The Invaders 09/18/04  
The King Bees 09/17/04  
Stephanie's ID - Jobe 09/11/04 Blue Monday's September/04   
Perservation Pub Birthday Party 08/01/04 Blue Monday's August/04
  Blue Monday's July/04
New Years Party 01/01/04
Slow Blind Hill 12/26/03

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Friday, April 1, 2005