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Hello one and all,

In the past few days I have received several emails concerning when the Halloween 2004 pictures would be available on the site. Some of the emails have been very polite, and encouraging. I want to thank those people for their thoughtfulness. It is truly you that make this job worth while.

Some of the emails have been down right rude. I have less than polite responses for those people.

In the course of four days of Halloween parties, the KnoxPics photographers shot roughly 1000 pictures. So that everyone understands just what this means, please let me explain this in simple terms. For each picture taken, it takes about 2 minutes of preparation (off loading it from the camera, cleaning it up, resizing it, archiving it, getting it ready for the web site, etc...) before it can reach a viewable state that's desired by the public.

1000 pictures at two minute a piece, is about 83 man hours, of continuous work (no potty breaks / food / cigarettes / beer / sleep / etc...) in our own private time. Every photographer for KnoxPics has a full time day job that pays the bills. No, unfortunately KnoxPics doesn't make enough money for us to quit our jobs. In truth, everyone in KnoxPics not only volunteers their time, but also their personal money to keep entertaining Knoxville.

In closing, I guess what I would like to say to those people that have taken the time to write notes of encouragement to us, is thank you. Thank you for your understanding, and your patience.

To those that have taken the time to be rude, and vulgar towards us, I have a suggestion for you. The next time you see us out, and about, and we go to take your picture, just simply look away. We'll know who you are.

Thank You Knoxville,

Shane Chambers
Sr. Editor,